Top 8 Advantages Of A Linear Electric Actuator

Engineers pick electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic technologies when choosing linear actuator 24v in gesture recognition applications. Electrical actuators provide several advantages that make them the superior option in most applications. When designing linear actuators with motion control applications, engineers have their pick of many different technologies, including electrical hydraulic, and pneumatic. Due to a desirable set of properties, electrical actuators are usually the best option.

Here Are The Top 8 Advantages Of Using An Electric Linear Actuator.

1. A Simpler Style

Mechanical actuators like marine propulsion ones might be more difficult to design around because of the greater number of components they typically need. Electrical actuators have a simpler design, which reduces design and maintenance costs due to their cheaper upfront and recurring expenses, improved dependability, and less demand for stocked spare parts.

2. Simple To Interface With Other Devices And System

In contrast to hydraulic or pneumatic solutions, electrical linear actuators may be easily integrated with the microprocessors and embedded processors essential to oversee the operation of most contemporary industrial gear.

3. More Accurate Than Pneumatics And Hydraulics

The force, speed, and torque may all be adjusted at various points in the motion because of the finer degree of control made possible by electrical actuators. By lowering the frequency with which equipment must be swapped out throughout a process or between batches of manufactured goods, this capacity helps lower operational costs and boost throughput.

4. Safer

Even when properly maintained, the continual pressure in pneumatic and pneumatic systems poses a threat to the environment, particularly in processing food and medicine. Hydraulic fluid with a leak attracts dust and other contaminants. In addition to lowering product quality, this dirt may lead to increased equipment breakdowns, slow production, and adds to expenses. Electrical linear actuators that are easy to clean reduce the risk of contamination to personnel and their goods.

5. Reduced Prices

Electrical actuators are often less expensive than their hydraulic and pneumatic counterparts. Compared to other types of actuators with similar acquisition costs, electro-mechanical ones have the advantage of being less expensive to maintain, simpler to install, and suitable for usage in almost any setting. Because electrical actuators don’t need constant power to keep the load in place, so they’re often significantly cheaper to run than other actuators. On the other hand, pneumatic actuators need a constant supply of air pressure, which necessitates a permanently running compressor. As previously mentioned, leaks and hose malfunctions under pressure are common issues with pneumatic and actuation systems.

6. Simpler Assembling

The assembly process is made easier when using electrical actuators than pneumatic or mechanical devices due to the ease with which wires and cables may be connected. The simplified assembly procedure improves product quality, reduces labor expenses, and makes machinery more dependable.

7. Reduced Environmental Impact, Number Seven

Due to the reduced number of parts required, electrical actuators often take up less room than their hydraulic or pneumatic counterparts of equivalent power. Because of its small stature, the actuator may be used in a wider variety of applications, and its incorporation into those designs is more versatile.

8. A Reduction In Background Noise

Pneumatic actuators are sometimes referred to as “bang, bang” and “click, clinking” devices, and with good cause. They effectively have various mechanical stops, and the gadget typically makes a noise at both ends of its motion range. However, electric actuators employ silent electrical motors to regulate motion, making them ideal for usage in any field, particularly healthcare, climate control, transportation, and the automotive industry.



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